Egyptian Chess set +Egyptian Chess Board with Hieroglyphs 3d print

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Egyptian Chess set +Egyptian Chess Board with Hieroglyphs egyption chess pieces chess pieces 3d stl 3d print file 3d print

Making the base an assembly meant no overhangs/supports were needed, and edges came out nice and clean. After scaling to 125% in my slicer, the hole in the bottom of the pedestal base is the perfect size for a stack of nickels for added weight. I also scaled the chess pieces to 125% in my slicer to match the base dimensions and my chess board square size, but you can use scaling of both base and pieces to fit whatever board you’ll be using them on.

This files was printed with :

Printer: Prusa i3 MK3





Filament brand:Prusa

Filament color:White, black, bronze

Filament material:PLA

Assembled 32 pedestals with superglue. Each chess piece got a little sanding, and smoothing of any rough edges, then centered and affixed pieces on pedestals, again with superglue. Each pedestal has a cylindrical hole which was filled with a stack of nickels (also super glued in) for added weighty feel. Added felt discs to bottom of pieces for soft/smooth contact with chess board.

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