Black Friday forever ! 
We decided to be the cheapest marketplace on internet. Unfortunately to keep this price we had to increase the showing ads on our website. We made this decision beocouse we love to see people printing and wearing our creations.
We don't wanna sell broken files or files that we don't know how they will look like.This is why we show with what printer and settings we did that.
Most of the files are STL and OBJ files.
After the purchase , the files will be shown on your dashboard ,under download or page that follows the purchase. In case if you miss all of this an email will be send immediately to your email
You can buy the files with paypal. The most secure payment on web
We grantee that every file works perfectly but if any case we try to fix it or promptly refund
Don't worry,just contact us with your order number and email and we will resend them as soon as possible.
As we hoped you understand till now that we have only digital products and not fisical items.
To open a new an account just register with a vaild email. After a random password will be send there.
To get support go to contact page and write about your problem.
You can change your password from your dashboard