Venus De Milo Statue 3D Print

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Venus De Milo Statue (Aphrodite of Milos) 3D Print

How to print Venus De Milo Statue (Aphrodite of Milos)  :
The complete, single-part model needs supports under the figure’s right arm, and under the face. I’ve printed it small, with no infill, with RepG for file prep and a Replicator1.
The multi-part sections print well in PLA with no external supports. I’ve printed them several times with RepG for file prep and a Replicator1, with zero infill, 3 walls thick, at .2mm layer height for the body pieces, and 10% infill, 4 walls thick and .12mm layer height for the face and crown pieces. At its current scale, the assembled print stands about 19.5 inches tall

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