How to make a Cosplay

How to make a Cosplay

This post will help everyone that doesn’t know how to make a cosplay. I promise will be fun. Usually to make a full wearable cosplay ,you will need around a week.

How to make a Cosplay - Deadric Cosplay

How to make a cosplay – Choose your Character

Choosing the character to cosplay is very important and must be someone you love to cosplay.In the photo we have a friend cosplaying Daedric Warrior from skyrim oblivion .Many like “Good” heroes like Black Panther , Iron man (glove , helmet ) , Doctor Strange or others. And some like our friend like the “Evil” like Witch King of Angmar, Predator Costume ecc… This is the easy part.

How to make a cosplay – Printing all the parts

I know , i know this is basic but it must be included becouse this is the right order. Printing the parts is the most time consuming.

First you have to resize the parts of the cosplay in base of your body. Many files don’t need to be resized but some need. In our photo the forearms had to be printed twice becouse we didn’t check during the printing. Usually to print a costume like the daedric warrior need around 2-3 days becouse there are many parts.

How to make a cosplay – Coloring

Coloring is pretty fun. Buy some spray paint and start experimenting on them. Buy first 2-3 different colors. Example : different kind of blue to see which do you like more. Think about the shadow and different

How to make a cosplay – Cloths

Every cosplay need some cloths. You can use those under the printed parts like the photo or need to put them together. Choose your cloth very carefully , must be breathable ,light and have the same color of the cosplay. Is important to wear something underneath becouse if you forgot to sand some parts they can heart or cut you.

How to make a cosplay – Put all together

This is the final part. You now have printed ,painted and found the cloth. Now is just the time to put them together. if you dont have any instructions on how to do it just follow the picture of reference. Remember that does not have to be perfect. Many try to make it perfect, all the details must be in place ecc… but this approach is wrong. If this is your first try just make it to stick all together.

How to make a cosplay weapon

If you looking for a weapon ,means that you already found the main character you wanna cosplay.

In our website we have planty of weapons to choose for printing.Take a look of some :

After choosing your weapon just follow the same steps that. Print ,sand,color and glue all together.

How to make your own cosplay character

If you have already created an amazing character you need just to choose the accessories items like weapon ,mask /helmet ecc… dont forget the logo like superman or batman. Check our shop for more inspiration.

if you are just thinking to create a new character but didn’t have any idea yet the best method is the jar method . The jar method is a creative way to create new characters and works with many other things.

  1. First write in different pieces of paper around 20 types of weapons . you can see our weapon categories for ideas
  2. Choose around 20 type of masks and helmets
  3. Do the same for armors and guantlets
  4. Do the same for logos

Now choose randomly 1 of each type and you have created your first character. Maybe the first or second time will be not perfect but after certain tries you will have your perfect match


The idea of making a cosplay is to have fun with friends and family. The process of making it must be the same. If you want to make your own unique cosplay , you can’t pretend to finish it in a day. Just work with your friends or family in this project and let your fantasy

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