Anatomy Human Skull head bones components skeleton head Model Stl 3D print file

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Anatomy Human Skull head bones components skeleton head Model Stl 3D print file

This human skull model can be used for learning anatomy or just freaking out your friends.
Insiede the folder you will find a video to help assembly.

To assemble with magnets, you will need:
• 66 of 1/8” x 1/16” cylindrical
• 38 of 1/4” x 1/8” cylindrical is a good source of magnets.

Files are provided in anatomical orientation. You will need to reorient and prepare them according to your preferences, equipment, and skill level. Here are some considerations:
• Orient outer surfaces upwards so that the surfaces in contact with support structures are less visible in the final model.
• As much as possible, avoid orienting the magnetic anchors downwards. There are some situations in which this is unavoidable. These can be cleaned up post-print.
Here are considerations for assembly:
• Before inserting magnets, clean out the magnet anchors with a 1/8” or 1/4” drill bit to remove any imperfections, allowing the magnets to sit properly.
• Ensure that you insert magnets with polarity oriented to allow proper connection of bones.
• You may need to use glue to secure some of the magnets in place. CA glue works well.

Every attempt has been made to maintain anatomical correctness; however, the following small modifications were necessary to optimize the files for 3D printing:
• The nasal bones, lacrimal bones and upper teeth are fused to ipsilateral maxilla. Lower teeth are fused to the mandible. They are too small and thin to print and assemble on their own.
• Some areas of bone have been thickened to support the magnet anchors.
• Gaps have been created or expended between fused joints to allow these bones to be separated.
• The perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone has been removed. It is too thin and there is limited space for it to fit properly.
• Bones of the inner ear are not included.
• This model includes only bony structures.


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