Kara Kesh Goa uld hand weapon stargate cosplay 3d print

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Kara Kesh Goa uld hand weapon stargate Ra weapon god anubis stargate costume cosplay 3d print

Here is my prototype version of Goa’uld hand healing device. I place LED inside the gem stone in the middle of the hand and I soldered it to the battery with very thin enameled copper wire so you can’t see it at all is eas to make and you can doit as well
I’ve tested few different designs and easiest way was to print it flat and then use warm water or hair dryer to warm up the plastic and shape it to fit your hand.

Rings and thimbles might need scaling as I designed it to fit my fingers. You also have two versions of thimbles, one piece and split into two pieces which is easier to print.


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