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Love that they print before selling, Really helps to know how it will look like at the end

Max S.

My 5 time buying here. 10 stars

Russle Bri.

Very fast support

Alexa Deo

Just printed the cosplay for my dog

Frequently asked questions

How to download a file ?

You can download the file from my account ( top right of the page, after the purchase or from your email ( an invoice email will be send with download link )

Why the files are so cheap ?

We love cosplay and love you guys to cosplay. We want to spread this magic world everywhere, so we decided to make the cheapest files possible.

Can my friend use the file that i bought ?

-If you both want to use the file then you have to buy the file 2 x times, or if 3 people want to use the file 3 x times etc..

I thought it was a physical ( real ) model so i want a refund ?

-We are really sorry to hear that but working with digital files is impossible to know if you didn’t use actually the file. We print and test the files before selling to ensure that all is working fine and our clients can see the actual results.We refund if the file is not working or is damaged

The file is not working, what to do ?

-We try and print 95% of our files as you can see from images. In case the file is not working we will try to fix it. In case we can’t fix it we will refund without problems.

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